Nayaki Anandan
Nayaki Anandan Illustrator and Concept Artist

3D Modeling

3D Modeling

The Forest Temple

My thesis project “The Forest Temple” focuses on creating a narrative experience in VR. The player follows characters through an environment through the use of gaze-based interaction, experiencing moments frozen in time. All of my textures are created using hand painted watercolors through a process of printing, transfer, painting, and scanning. Please contact me for a demo.

Trailer for my VR thesis project.

Soma the Brewer

The brewer of the gods, who purifies the essence needed to fuel higher powers.
Modeled in Zbrush & Maya, textured in Substance Painter. Rendered using Marmoset Viewer

The Forest Temple: Character Design

The first attempt at using watercolors to create textures.
Modeled in Zbrush and Maya, textured using hand painted watercolors, rendered in Marmoset Viewer.

Nina Simone Bust

A sculpt of Nina Simone painted and modeled in ZBrush and Rendered in Keyshot. Created for a class assignment. December of Fall 2017.

Team Titan, Environment and Vehicles

Collaborative project created in Unity for a class. Various models and textures created by me, as well as final game effects and materials.