Nayaki Anandan
Nayaki Anandan Illustrator and Concept Artist


Who Am I?

Nayaki Anandan

“Creating worlds is my passion, be they familiar or out of our known reality. I like to challenge my audience’s perceptions and create emotional, beautiful, and surreal experiences.” -Artist’s Statement

Seattle local Nayaki Anandan grew up surrounded by both nature and industry. This combination has always fascinated and inspired her, driving her to reflect this dialogue in her vivid paintings. After graduating Rhode Island School of Design with a bachelor’s in Illustration, she moved back to Seattle and pursued a Master’s in Digital Art at DigiPen Institute of Technology, which she just finished.

Although currently a game artist, Nayaki has created everything from huge murals and costume designs, to card games and 3D models. Her latest project, “The Forest Temple”, focuses on bringing the raw and vibrant nature of watercolors into a narrative VR experience.



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