Nayaki Anandan
Nayaki Anandan Illustrator and Concept Artist

3D Modeling

3D Modeling

Soma the Brewer

The brewer of the gods, who purifies the essence needed to fuel higher powers.
Modeled in Zbrush & Maya, textured in Substance Painter. Rendered using Marmoset Viewer

The Forest Temple: Character Design

The first attempt at using watercolors to create textures.
Modeled in Zbrush and Maya, textured using hand painted watercolors, rendered in Marmoset Viewer.

Nina Simone Bust

A sculpt of Nina Simone painted and modeled in ZBrush and Rendered in Keyshot. Created for a class assignment. December of Fall 2017.

Team Titan, Environment and Vehicles

Collaborative project created in Unity for a class. Various models and textures created by me, as well as final game effects and materials.