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Methods for Instructing Thine Dragon

Last month, I participated in a game jam (Ludum Dare 44) and with a small team created a game: Methods for Instructing Thine Dragon. It was a wonderful learning experience for a variety of reasons, namely that I couldn’t use my favorite 2D animating software (Spine) and had to learn how to use Spriter instead. Spriter is working on implementing deformation, but since they haven’t yet I had to create the dragons in parts (visible in the image to the left). It turned out a little chunky, but I was still able to make it work in a satisfactory enough way. I’m adding a few animation goodies that didn’t make it into the game to this post. I also had to learn a little about creating parallax environments in Unity, which I am implementing on a small game project i’m working on now. I’m using this new project as a method of learning c# in unity… updates to come!

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